Randy the Tyrannosaurus RexThis happy Tyrannosaurus Rex is Randy. Don’t be frightened by his sharp teeth, this guy is a friend to all! His favorite pastime is dancing disco with his tiny arms. The biggest fight he might ever get into is a battle on the dance floor!


Paris the ParasaurolophusThis cute little Parasaurolophus calls herself Paris. She enjoys a healthy salad with a side of pine needles. She loves showing off her bright colors and being the center of attention. Give her a stage and a mic and she will put on a show!


Tops the TriceratopsTops the Triceratops is a friend with a lot of energy! He loves sports and is always rearing to play. His favorite game is football, although sometimes the ball gets popped on one of his horns, so be sure to bring a backup!


Anky the AnkylosaurusThis tough Ankylosaurus is named Anky. You might have guessed from his armor-plated back, that Anky is a strong dude. He is the best friend to have for protection from bullies. Plus, he is quite competitive when it comes to board games!